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A patient shares their story

August 2013
When I first visited Dr. Greenberg it was to seek remedy for my right foot that was at a pronounced right angle in relation to my right leg. I also was experiencing a great deal of skeletal instability in my hip region, with a right hip and right knee that never remained in place.

Prior to visiting Dr. Greenberg I had sought help through orthopedic physicians who, though extremely well intentioned, failed to correctly diagnose me.

When I arrived at Dr. Greenberg’s I had spent two years following their prescribed physical therapy routine that addressed my muscles. No mention was ever made of my ligaments (which cannot be strengthened through exercise).

I concluded my physical therapy without any improvement to my condition(s).

I was told that surgery (with no guarantee of its success) was the solution for my right foot, and that I would have to live with the instability in my right hip and right knee.

I never needed surgery for my foot. I never will. As it turned out I learned that I did not, and do not, have to live with any instability of my joints.

Through prolotherapy injections, Dr. Greenberg permanently restored my foot to proper alignment, and was the first doctor who evaluated me, understood my condition, and explained that the weakened ligaments in my foot and ankle were the result of my body compensating for the weakened ligament structures that existed in my pelvis, right hip, and lower back.

Not only was I correctly diagnosed by Dr. Greenberg, but have been successfully treated, and have experienced complete restoration of each and every ligament series that he has treated. Through years of experience and a deft touch he has managed to make the actual procedure of prolotherapy seem effortless.

Unfortunately, because I discovered Dr. Greenberg after a decade that had exacerbated the original injury, and caused residual damage in other regions of the body it meant that Dr. Greenberg was presented with several groupings of ligaments in several regions in a well advanced state of injury. He has never made my state of disrepair seem daunting or incurable. Though my healing process has been relatively quick in relation to the extended duration in which the injuries went unaddressed, the process has required many return visits because of the many regions affected.

Although I have experienced continual and radical solution since day one, my healing journey has been less a sprint and more a marathon. I would not be telling the whole truth if I did not admit that I have not always demonstrated a positive attitude regarding its resolution. I have shared my frustration, worry, and anxiety about my condition on some of my visits. When confronted with my lack of confidence in my recovery Dr. Greenberg’s response has always been one of assurance, kindness, grace, and true empathy. I could not have reached my current state of almost complete physical restorations without his understanding of what needed to be accomplished, his years of experience that gave him the assurance that it was possible, and his unflagging devotion to its completion.

My return to health has been remarkable, but even more remarkable is that Dr. Greenberg has managed to make visiting a doctor for injections an enjoyable experience! He combines a great sense of humor with a great heart, and genuine inquiry about a patient’s wellbeing with intentional listening. Although he maintains a significantly large client roster, comprised of patients from well outside of the South Jersey/Philadelphia region, points international, and many professional athletes, each patient is made to feel important and like an individual. He has continually demonstrated this level of care throughout the duration of my treatment, and has never failed to inquire about my family, personal interests, or follow up about a topic addressed in a previous visit. Because of Dr. Greenberg’s meticulous understanding of the skeletal structure and the ligaments that connect it, he has accomplished what I had been told was not possible—he has allowed me to be someone in possession of a whole and correctly functioning body.