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Top 5 Foods for Men’s Health

As men reach a certain point in their lives, their health can sometimes take a back seat to other priorities. However, this is the wrong approach! There are some foods that men can eat regularly to help maintain or improve their health no matter their age. Here are a list of just a few examples below.

  1. Tart cherries or tart cherry juice: This can be used for its mild anti-inflammatory properties and to support gout.
  2. Dark chocolate: The flavanols have been found to improve cholesterol, circulation, and promote a healthy blood pressure.
  3. Shellfish: They are high in zinc which is important for prostate health, sperm quality, male infertility, and heart and muscle health.
  4. Beets: These work as a precursor to nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels to improve circulation to the heart and the penis.
  5. Pomegranate seeds: Pomegranate is rich in ellagic acid, which can be extremely beneficial for prevention of prostate and lung cancer and improve recovery from exercise.

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