Cancer Support Program

There are options. There is help and you’ve just found it.

The latest statistics indicate that, in the US, one out of two women and one out of three men will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lifetime. Overall, that’s one out of two-and-a half Americans, which is a frightening statistic. Some would say that it’s not a question of “if you will get cancer, but when you will get cancer.” As a result of these bleak figures, the Magaziner Center for Wellness can give you guidance and place you on a program to improve your chances of not becoming a statistic…and teaching you how to prevent cancer formation in the first place. We believe that the best form of treatment is to not get the disease in the first place. If you are diagnosed with cancer, we are here to support you in your treatment, by treating the whole person, not just the cancer.

Our comprehensive Cancer Support Program…

utilizes an integrative approach that includes assessing and treating the whole person instead of simply treating only the disease. We use a patient-centered approach and believe that the healing process is a partnership between the patient and the practitioner. The use of conventional, complementary, and alternative methods are individualized to each patient. We believe that this approach is gentler, kinder, safer and more effective.

Cancer is a very complex condition and, therefore, requires a well thought-out, comprehensive approach that takes into account all aspects of a person’s life. Our whole-body approach emphasizes diet, good nutrition and supplements, immune modulation, detoxification, lifestyle and exercise, targeted cancer therapies, spirituality, and the mind-body connection including stress management and meditation.

We strongly believe that using a whole-body, integrative, immune-enhancing, diet and lifestyle approach with traditional therapies is much more effective and health-enhancing than using traditional therapy alone.

We also place strong emphasis on evaluating and then strengthening the immune system and restoring normal cellular function. Various weaknesses are assessed by performing sophisticated nutritional and immune profiles on each patient, and by identifying what toxicities may be present.

This can help to pinpoint how we can best target your unique weaknesses so that we can help to rebuild and restore normal immunologic function. We strive to remove potential triggers of cancer and to restore, repair, and to revitalize the body’s innate healing mechanisms and immune response.

We place great emphasis on evaluating the cells of the immune system, inflammatory markers, antioxidant defenses, nutritional status, and overall toxic burden. All of these factors are important in helping to ward off cancer and in restoring the body back to health. We therefore perform an extremely thorough and unique series of lab tests in order to determine any possible contributing factors.

At the Magaziner Center for Wellness, we treat patients with various types of cancers. Some of the common cancers that we treat include breast, colon, lung, bladder, endometrial, prostate, esophageal, pancreatic, thyroid, head and neck, leukemia, melanoma, multiple myeloma, and Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Our cancer treatment is quite unique and includes several different programs including:

Our treatments are focused on reducing inflammation, enhancing the cellular immune response, and inactivating cancer stem cells since these are the cells that cause cancer recurrences and are much more harmful than the actual tumor cells—all with the goal of improving quality of life, strength and vigor, and extending life span. We place particular emphasis on an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle, and biologic agents that quiet the inflammatory pathways since inflammation has been found to foster the growth of cancer cells.

Most of our patients have already been through the rigors of conventional treatments but either experienced untoward side effects or unsatisfactory outcomes as the cancer continued to grow. The sooner we begin treatment, the better, since there is usually less damage to the immune system and to the vital organs. Your body then has a better chance to recover.

Our program emphasizes the concept of Thriving While Surviving. We strive to transform cancer from an acute disease into more of a chronic illness, one that can be lived with for many months or even years. Some of our patients have greatly outlived their life expectancy by even two or three-fold. Furthermore, most are able to continue with a productive and fulfilling life.