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Dr. Lisa Zimmermann

At the forefront of Integrative and Functional Medicine

Dr. Lisa Zimmermann is an internist who practiced traditional medicine for 15 years and always practiced with a passion to provide excellent medical care. She observed that the traditional medical approach never addressed why the patient was ill and only provided a diagnosis and a medication to ease symptoms.

To provide answers to help her patients achieve a return to health, she then trained in functional medicine through IFM-International Functional Medicine. Functional medicine would enable her to approach the patients care from addressing the root cause of their illness and to treat the issues such as endocrine imbalances, GI microbiome disruptions, toxin body burden and bio-identical thyroid replacement as well as many other issues.

Many patients diagnosed with autoimmune conditions, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia often have a series of issues that are the root of the illness and if addressed the patient can return to a healthy vibrant life.

Dr. Zimmermann also addresses Tick borne infections as the root cause of many symptoms and chronic illness and has been trained with ILADS-International Lyme and Associated Society and The Forum for Integrative Medicine which addresses many treatments for tick borne diseases. She has been trained in herbal protocols for chronic persistent Lyme disease and will work with each patient to use the best treatment plans for their illness.

Dr. Zimmermann has found that the most effective treatments for Lyme and tick born infections are often herbal protocols and not traditional antibiotic protocols.

She utilizes herbal treatment plans for most of her patients along with addressing thyroid, adrenal, hormonal and GI microbiome issues. In complex cases she may recommend IV therapy with oxidative therapies and IV Vitamin C to reduce inflammation and enhance cellular response.

Dr. Zimmermann is trained in regenerative procedures such as peptides and exosomes. Peptide therapy has many applications as they are naturally occurring protein cell signals to signal immune modulation and cellular repair.

She has trained with Dr. Mark Houston in Integrative Cardiovascular Medicine for aggressive integrative management of dyslipidemia and heart disease to employ advanced testing including expanded lipid profiles and comprehensive treatment of all cardiac risk factors. Conventional lipid testing will miss 40 percent of at risk patients and approximately 50 percent of patients who have their first myocardial infarction had normal conventional cholesterol testing and normal stress testing.


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