Dr. Scott Greenberg Published in Journal of Medical Cases

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Dr. Scott Greenberg was recently published in the Journal of Medical Cases, a peer-reviewed medical journal devoted to publishing case reports in clinical medicine to help advance medical science and achievements. He was a part of a team that published the article “Intra-Articular Implantation of Stromal Vascular Fraction Plus Platelet Rich Plasma in a Degenerative Meniscal Injury”.

The article describes a medical case in which regenerative medicine (adipose fat stem cells in conjunction with Platelet Rich Plasma) was used to treat a degenerative meniscus injury. Over an observation period of 12 months following the procedure, the patient was found to have shown signs of recovery and “an overall improvement in quality of life and willingness to repeat PRP treatments.” The study concludes that regenerative medicine may be a “feasible treatment” for chronic meniscus injuries.

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