Eating fast increases diabetes risk

Eating fast increases diabetes risk
European Society of Endocrinology

Slow down! That is what researchers are recommending to patients at risk for Type 2 diabetes when they eat. People who eat rapidly are two and a half times more likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes than those who take their time according to new research presented at the joint International Congress of Endocrinology and European Congress of Endocrinology in Florence, Italy.

While numerous studies have linked eating quickly to overeating and obesity, this is the first time eating speed has been identified as an independent risk factor for type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes mellitus is a very common disorder caused by high levels of sugar in the bloodstream. It affects 6.4% (285 million) of the worldwide population and is associated with an increased risk of heart attacks, stroke and damage to the eyes, feet and kidneys. In type 2 diabetes, which accounts for 90% of all cases, insulin – a hormone that allows cells to take sugar from the bloodstream and store it as energy – does not work properly. (1)

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Press release from the European Society of Endocrinology May 7, 2012