EWG Releases 2018 Clean Fifteen List

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Pesticides are a growing concern in our grocery aisles. They can potentially pose a threat to our wellbeing whether we know it or not. Pesticides can travel far and their residue can linger on our fruits and vegetables long after they’ve been picked, packed, and transported to your supermarket. The Environmental Working Group has produced a list of fruits and vegetables sold in the United States that have been found to have the lowest amount of pesticide residue. We encourage you to click to see the full list, but they include:

• Pineapples – 90 per cent of pineapples had no detectable pesticide residue
• Mangoes – 78 per cent of mangoes tested had no pesticide residue
• Broccoli – 70 per cent of the broccoli samples tested had no pesticide residue
It’s important to understand what your fresh produce is really made of, so that you can make an informed purchasing decision that benefits you and your family.

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