EWG Releases 2018 Sunscreen Guide

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It’s summer, and that means going out and enjoying the sun. We all know that the outdoors provides many benefits, including Vitamin D. But we also know that sunlight exposure carries certain risks, including sunburns, sun allergies, and melanoma. This is why sunscreen is so important to reduce the risks posed to your health, allowing you to enjoy the summer without worry.

The EWG releases a sunscreen guide each year not to recommend any specific brand of lotion, but to educate the public on the secrets of the sunscreen industry. Studies have radically shifted our understanding of sunscreen ingredients, where things we previously thought were safe and effective turned out not to be, as well as government policies that are preventing truly effective ingredients from being used.

You might think that regularly applying sunscreen liberally on your body and face can prevent skin cancer, but studies have found that this is not the case. In one case, it was found that increased sunscreen use was linked to increased rates of sunburns, suggesting that people who use sunscreen are lulled into a false sense of security and spend more time in the sun. The FDA has also allowed makers of sunscreen lotion to claim they prevent cancer, despite no evidence to back this up. Sunscreen should be used along with common sense: spend some time in the shade to reduce the chance of burning.

Another ‘secret’ of the sunscreen industry is the misleading nature of SPF values. Consumers think that purchasing sunscreen with a value of 100 means it’s twice as good as sunscreen with a value of 50. However, the SPF 100 provides 99 per cent UVB blocking compared to SPF 50’s 98 per cent. Another problem is SPF values do not have anything to do with UVA, which penetrates deeper into the skin, and the most effective ingredients aren’t allowed to be used in the United States. The EWG has been urging the government to approve UVA-filtering ingredients that have been approved for safe use in Europe, Australia, and Canada.

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