Guide to Healthy Cleaning Released By EWG

Category: Blog, Chemical Exposure

Something that many may not know is that cleaning products sold in the United States don’t go through approval processes that drugs do. As such, there are a number of ingredients in many cleaning solutions sold in supermarkets today that have been known to pose significant threats to humans. Some can even cause cancer or harm child development. That’s why the EWG has released a list of over 2000 cleaning products and grading them based on the ingredients printed on the label. By cross-referencing ingredients listed on products with known harmful chemicals, the EWG is able to advise consumers on which products to buy, and which ones to stay away from for the benefit of one’s family.

The EWG has found that over half of the products examined contained ingredients that could cause lung problems, and 22 per cent could cause asthma to develop in humans. Formaldehyde, which has been known to cause cancer for over three decades, is still used in cleaning products.

The Environmental Working Group advises customers to be mindful and always question the claims made on the label. Cleaning products labelled as ‘green’ are not always so, and products with natural ingredients are not always non-toxic.

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