Your Ultimate Holiday Health Guide

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It’s that time of year again.

Suddenly, our social media feeds and email inboxes are full of articles and blogs promising “Tips for staying healthy during the holidays!”  So we decided to read as many of these lists as we could to learn what they really have to offer. While there were a few legitimately good ideas, we found that the majority of them were anything but healthy, promoting artificial sweeteners and 0-calorie, ‘diet’ foods.
So, we decided to create our own list; a mash-up of some good ideas borrowed from others, as well as suggestions from our own holistic doctors and recommended supplements and treatments available at the Magaziner Center.

Fact: The average American only gains 1 lb. during holidays. While this does not sound like much, it begins to add up because we do not lose it again when the holidays are over.

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1.  Carry healthy snacks with you
The holiday season brings a lot of running around, driving and shopping. This can lead to skipping meals or giving in to that tempting Cinnabon smell. A better alternative is to carry protein-rich, healthy snacks with you. Throw a couple of energy bars or some fruit in your purse and reach for these instead. They will provide your body with more energy than junk food, without the sugar crash, keeping you going through long lines and crowded parking lots.

(they make the perfect gift for coworkers or friends as well!)

2.  Balance your pH (Borrowed from Ashley Koff, R.D. for Earthbound Farm)
Ashley says, “Holiday foods are full of ‘acid formers’ like sugar, alcohol, and meat, so make sure you balance all those rich foods with plenty of ‘alkaline formers’ like lemons and organic greens. While not all nutrition experts agree with the alkalinity theory, which says that eating too much of some types of foods can upset the pH balance in the body, it does make sense to balance out your heavier dishes with plenty of greens.”  Thanks for the tip, Ashley!

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3.  Feel satisfied without overeating 
One reason that we tend to overeat is the poor nutritional content of our food.  When your body is lacking the vital nutrients it needs to function properly, it sends signals to your brain, telling you to eat more.  A great way to feel satisfied and turn off that signal is to add more nutritional quality to the food you eat.   Try swapping out your traditional butter mashed potatoes for pureed cauliflower.  Add some ground or pureed veggies to your meatballs and sauces.  Mix in or sprinkle on some ground flax or chia seeds or nutritional yeast, an inactive yeast with a cheesy, nutty flavor.  It is packed with vitamins and available in most health food stores.

Recommended supplement- One of the easiest ways to give your body the nutrients it needs is a high quality, daily multivitamin.  However, many of the supplements on the market today are poor quality and either do not fully dissolve after being swallowed or have ‘poor absorption rates’, which means they are not made so that your body can absorb them properly, making them essentially useless.  At the Magaziner Center for Wellness, we carry only the highest quality supplements with proven high absorption rates.  Call 856-424-8222 today to purchase Active Nutrients by Xymogen, an excellent, daily multivitamin. 

4.  Three bites and good night (Borrowed from Lauren Harris-Pincus, R.D.N., of Nutrition Starring You)
Lauren says, “Stick to the three-bite rule for desserts: The first bite is the best, the last the grand finale, and every bite in between is the same. In three bites, you get the full dessert experience, so really focus on savoring those three and you’re less likely to overindulge.”

Recommended supplement- We carry several supplements at the Magaziner Center, to help control blood sugar.  Berberine Balance will help to lower blood sugar if you do overindulge in sweets.  (It also acts an an antimicrobial!)  Another option, BioGymnema also helps to control blood sugar, but has an added bonus, as well.  It affects the sugar receptors in the taste buds, so that sweets do not taste as good, making it easier not to overdo it.  Call 856-424-8222 to purchase.

5.  Stay hydrated!
When we are dehydrated, we tend to overeat and to crave sweets.  If you find you are craving sugar, try drinking a glass of water before indulging in sweets.  Oftentimes, you will find your craving gone once you are hydrated.  If that does not work, try having a teaspoon of raw honey.  Honey is a superfood packed with nutrients and health benefits, but be sure to look for raw, unfiltered honey.  Much of the honey on the supermarket shelves is not real honey and contains none of these nutrients.

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Check back next week for more holiday tips.