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Prolotherapy after failed back surgery

Patients who had already failed two conservative treatments or already had failed back surgery were helped by Prolotherapy

Researchers in the United Kingdom looked at the use of prolotherapy in patients who had failed to respond to conservative approaches including spinal manipulation and physiotherapy in (UK National Health Service) back pain clinic settings. These patients had longstanding and often severe pain and disability.

After a “short” bout of Prolotherapy – treatments 3 injections over a 3 to 5 week period. they confirmed that 91% of respondents were better or not worse off after 12 months. (1)

This despite only three injections over a 3 to 5 week period.

Studies such as the one cited above have been circulating for years. Similar results were achieved in a 2005 study publish in the medical journal Pain Physician. In this study the researchers took on the difficult cases: “Of the patients studied, 86% of patients had undergone prior lumbar spine surgery and all were referred for neurosurgical evaluation for possible surgery.”

Here is what the researchers reported:

“Injection therapy of painful enthesopathies (soft tissue attachments to the bone, ie ligaments and tendons) can provide significant relief of axial pain and tenderness combined with functional improvement, even in “failed back syndrome” patients. Phenol-glycerol prolotherapy provides better and longer lasting relief than injection with anesthetics alone. Prolotherapy provides over six months of relief for some patients but generally provides relief for only a few months. However, most patients described good to excellent relief, felt that the injections had been beneficial, and requested additional injections for recurrent or residual focal pain.” (2)

One of the most important things to note is that the patients in these two studies were patients who had already failed two conservative treatments or already had a surgery.

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1. Jacks A, Barling T International Musculoskeletal Medicine, Volume 34, Number 1, April 2012 , pp. 7-12(6)

2. Wilkinson HA. Injection therapy for enthesopathies causing axial spine pain and the “failed back syndrome”: a single blinded, randomized and cross-over study. Pain Physician. 2005 Apr;8(2):167-73.

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