Ruth Zeit

Dear Dr. Greenberg:

I just wanted to send a note, thanking you for all your efforts on my behalf to date. You, singularly, have been responsible for such an incredible boost in the quality of my life over these last 6 months of treatment. I have been transformed from a life of daily agony, to one of bearable pain. I am once again able to lead a productive life, teaching piano (my true joy). When I finished my graduate degree at Penn in Romance Linguistics, I became afflicted with lupus, suffering 3 strokes in rapid succession. I lost my ability in languages (spanish, french, and italian), and was forced to stop teaching at Penn and regroup, earning a living in another way. That’s when the piano emerged, and I discovered that I enjoyed this line of work equally as much.

When I became afflicted with this terrible groin pain in recent years, I was then faced with much the same situation. The painbecame so unbearable, and it was in total desperation that I can to your office. You have treated me with such caring and respect, equalled only by Mike Cirigliano (and I have had contact with many, many, physicians throughout the years). During every office visit, you have displayed such empathy and compassion, and this attitude has helped almost as much as the prolotherapy itself. When I confided in you that after 6 months of treatment, this has really eaten into my savings, your response was equally compassionate and empathic. I am so grateful.

I know that I am facing perhaps another 6 months of treatment (and the injections can be one of my least favorite activities!), but I face the remainder of my treatment with confidence and assurance that you will eventually totally solve my problem. You, alone, have been responsible for sparing me from surgery (which Dr. Mike says that I would not have been able to survive), and for getting me on the road back to my original quality of life, before I suffered from this affliction.

Every so often one’s life is touched by an incredible human being, and I was lucky enough to have mine so affected by your skill and compassion. I thank you, Dr. Greenberg, from the bottom of my heart.

With Best Reguards,
– Ruth Zeit

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