Scott Greenberg, M.D., Hired as Consultant in PRP and Stem Cell Therapies by Leading Medical Manufacturer

Kensey Nash, Inc., one of the world’s leading companies in Extracellular Matrix and Collagen Processing Technologies, and serving such medical industry giants as Stryker, Johnson & Johnson, Biomet, Ethicon, is now turning to Stem Cell and Platelet Rich Plasma therapies to help shape the future of regenerative medicine.

Stem Cell and Platelet Rich Plasma therapies are new to Kensey Nash, Inc. To maintain their reputation as industry leader in research and development, Kensey Nash, Inc. needed the help of an experienced clinician. Scott Greenberg, M.D., of the Magaziner Center for Wellness in Cherry Hill, NJ, was the perfect fit.

Stem cell therapy is used in damaged joints, neck, and spine. A clinician will extract stem cells from the patient’s fat cells, purify them, and then inject them back into the damaged area. The stem cells cannot work alone, and they require help from growth and support factors found in other tissues and blood, such as those found in Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. A treatment where blood platelets are drawn from the patient’s blood, and then injected into the damaged area.

Dr. Greenberg will consult in production, development and testing of new regenerative products in orthopaedic applications, specifically in PRP, bone marrow, and stem cells advancements.