Smart For Life Diet

Smart for Life® – Your new health program.

At the Magaziner Center for Wellness we offer the Smart for Life® diet program. By having your diet program doctor supervised, we can more deeply explore why weight loss has not been as successful as you had hoped for. This can included testing and examination for undetected metabolic or hormonal conditions. It is estimated that 25% of people have these conditions and never know it until we identify it for them.

Thank you Smart for Life!!! You have change my life!!! I have lost 50lbs on your program and I couldn’t be happier! You have taught me to eat smaller proportions and to more frequently so my sugar levels stay down and my metabolism stays up so I could burn the fat off. You also taught me when I reached my goal weight what to eat so I feel full, and how to maintain all the weight I have lost. I will take these lessons with me wherever I go and for the rest of my life. I couldn’t have asked for a easier program to be on. Thank you for all that you did, I’m a better person for it! — Emily

Diet Cookies

The Smart for Life diet program features the use of our unique Smart Diet Products. They come as Smart Cookie squares, muffins, shakes, soups and desserts. The all natural Smart Cookie square with up to 60% organic ingredients is scientifically formulated to be a perfect balance of fiber, protein and amino acids – with absolutely no drugs or toxic preservatives. It’s a miracle in itself. You won’t believe how well it works until you try it yourself. And it tastes great!

Best of all, by eating six squares a day – one every two or three hours – along with a balanced meal, like chicken and vegetables, you’ll be losing 3-4 pounds a week, 12-15 pounds a month. Those are real results! And our diet program just keeps on working.

Smart for Life is so wonderful! I did the HCG program for the first time and lost almost 25lbs. in 4 weeks!! I was very hesitant about the HCG because I’m terrified of needles and wasn’t sure I was going to do it right, but you’re never really sure until you try it yourself, so I got up the courage and started the program and I have no regrets. The staff and the doctor were so great, they made sure I didn’t leave the office until I felt comfortable with everything I had to do and what the program was all about. They supported me through the whole process and now I have the confidence to go out there and show off the new me! Thank you Smart for Life!!! – Buffy

Getting Smart for Life

Our diet program re-programs you. At your very first visit, you start using our powerful behavioral modification system and learning tools. From then on, our Center staff charts and monitors your weight and progress each week until you achieve your goal weight.

The second phase of our diet program begins after you reach your goal. Phase 2 is your new Smart Healthy Lifestyle. By this time, you have learned to eat several small meals during the day, to eat only when hungry, to exercise appropriately, and to drink enough water to stay hydrated. Our staff continues to work with you however long you need to be sure you can keep your weight under control for Life.

You’re going to become a different person, a smarter person – in more ways than one. On our Diet Program you’re going to learn to eat for your overall health, nutrition and well-being. You’re going to break the slavery to bad food habits. You’re going to become disciplined and sensible in your lifestyle. And you’re going to look and feel better than ever!

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