April R.


If not for Dr. Greenberg’s treatment I would not be walking today. I had been to see numerous doctors over a span of 5 years who either told me there was nothing wrong with me or just prescribed a lot of drugs that made things much worse in the long run, and in one case actual surgery that left me in more pain than I was before. Dr. Greenberg actually HEALED my injuries using cutting edge techniques such as PRP injections and Stem Cell Replacement. I do not understand how most doctors do not offer these same treatments, treatments that actually heal injury rather than cover up the pain of injury with drugs. The only other time I have seen these offered are when they are being performed on Professional Athletes to get them back on the playing field. I feel that “regular” people should also have access to these treatments, not just sports stars worth millions, everybody deserves good health. At the Magaziner Center for Wellness they feel the same way, that everyone deserves good health.