Time for a Sauna

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A Sauna allows you to detoxify naturally and rejuvenate in the comfort of your own home.  Sauna therapy is widely used throughout the world and helps to improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow, promotes cellular renewal, increases metabolism, improves mood, burns calories, reduces heavy metal burden and other impurities, and helps with relaxation and stress.

The Relax Far Infrared Sauna is safe for people of virtually all ages. It is both collapsible and foldable, making it suitable for easy storage.  It takes up very little space and is ideal for keeping the whole family healthy.

How often should you use it?
We advise you to use the sauna for 20 minute sessions (15 to 25 minutes) once or twice per day, five to six days per week.  It is important not to turn the timer dial back towards zero if you exit the sauna and the timer has not yet turned to zero.  Simply let it count down on its own.

How does it work?
The Relax Far Infrared Sauna generates 100% healing light that interacts with water molecules within your body to help lower your burden of heavy metals and other impurities.
This healing energy does not simply raise your skin temperature but rather raises your core body temperature which is extremely therapeutic.  It is the reflected light of this device that interacts with your water molecules that increases the core body temperature.  This invisible light provides the healing properties and the heat is simply a byproduct.  Again, the temperature has very little to do with healing.  It is the reflected light energy that interacts with the water molecules in your body and subsequent increase in core body temperature that provides the therapeutic response that is so important for good health and wellness.

How to set up your sauna?
To help set up the sauna, we suggest that you go to YouTube online and search Relax Sauna Setting Up.  You will see Philip Wilson discussing setup instructions.  It generally takes about 5 minutes to set it.

How to clean your sauna?
To clean the sauna, simply turn the heat on and zip closed for 2-5 minutes.  This will help to clean the impurities.  Do not use any strong cleaning agents inside the sauna but you can simply wipe the inside with a damp cloth.

Are there contraindications?
There is no contraindication should you have a titanium rod or a pacemaker and it may be used even if you have high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease.  We do recommend that you remain well hydrated before and after each treatment.

For more information, contact the Magaziner Center for Wellness at 856-424-8222