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Exosomes, while not really cells at all, represent the next generation of cell therapy.  They play a vital role in the communication and rejuvenation of all the cells in our body. Science has shown that cell-to cell communication is important in maintaining cellular health.  Age, chronic disease, environmental factors and genetic disorders can interfere with how our stem cells communicate with other cells, disrupting the healing process.  Exosomes play a key role in the regulation of these communication processes. 

What are Exosomes?

Exosomes are small bubbles released from cells, especially from stem cells. They act as transporters for moving genetic information and proteins to other cells.  They allow for cell-to-cell communication, moving molecules that are important regulators of intracellular information between cells.  They carry critical information from place to place within our cells with distinct purpose of telling our cells how and when to react.

What is Exosome Therapy?

Research has given us a valuable insight into the practical functionality of exosomes.  By exposing the cells of an older organism to those of a younger organism we can watch exosomes from the young stem cells rejuvenating the older cells.  This miraculous healing mechanism is the basis for many trends in regenerative medicine.
Degenerative diseases come from the aging and deterioration of cells, affecting our tissues or organs.  While stem cells are usually responsible for the rejuvenation of our cells, external factors can interfere with healthy function of stem cells.  Our aging cells may not be able to communicate all the information needed by our body.  Supporting cellular function with the introduction of young exosomes can have a tremendous effect on our aging, by providing new pieces of information to support the healing process.

Who May Benefit from Exosome Therapy?

At the Magaziner Center for Wellness, we are using exosome therapy for a wide range of conditions.  Exosomes can help in the treatment of a multitude of ailments including:

  • lyme disease
  • chronic inflammation
  • autoimmune disease
  • chronic degenerative conditions

Because exosomes may help regulate many of the natural processes within our body, this is a natural way to turn back the effects of chronic and degenerative diseases on our body.

Ready to Get Started with Exosomes?

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