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Conditions We Treat

Complex health problems are no problem; we have treatment options!

Many of the medical conditions we treat at the Magaziner Center, are often considered chronic conditions and not curable by conventional practitioners. Our method is to seek out the actual source of the problem, work to correct it, and in the process eliminate your symptoms without the use of toxic pharmaceuticals. Why settle for a lifetime regime of drugs and pain when there are other options?

Allergy & Environmental Illness

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, food intolerance or perhaps an excess of heavy metals in your body, we can diagnose and treat these conditions utilizing therapies that are both safe and proven to be extremely effective.


At the Magaziner Center, our comprehensive cancer treatment and support program is quite unique, utilizing several different focused modalities intended to eradicate cancer cells, including targeted intravenous treatments, including IV vitamin C, oxidative therapies and immunotherapy.

Cardiovascular Concerns

We put our heart into treating problems like heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. We try to avoid prescriptions with long lists of side effects that can create numerous other problems. Rather than simply prescribing medications to mask the symptoms, we take a proactive approach, utilizing state of the art testing to identify and address both causes and contributing factors to cardiovascular diseases.

Endocrine / Metabolic Disorders

Our methods of treating diabetes and other endocrine disorders start with a series of tests to determine the root causes. This approach enables us to come up with a unique and an effective individualized treatment plan. We also specialize in helping patients who suffer from diabetes-related heart disease and neuropathy.


If you’ve taken a punch to your gut, we’re here for you. Our approach is to get at the root cause of your ailments because so much of your overall health and well being is linked to your GI tract and digestion. We understand it’s a delicate balancing act; so we look at your diet, environment, infections, hormones and any pathological changes all the way down to the micronutrients in your stomach and intestines.

Infections / Immune Issues

Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia are three examples of conventional medicine’s failure to offer effective therapies for serious problems. At the Magaziner Center we Take far different approaches to treating these conditions that have resulted in many of our patients getting real and lasting relief.

Neurologic Conditions

Diet, environmental toxins, and even certain pharmaceuticals can all play a role in triggering or even mimicking the symptoms of numerous brain and neurological problems. At the Magaziner Center, we approach such conditions by first determining all likely contributing factors, then creating an individualized, patient-centered treatment plan to provide relief.

Pain / Orthopedic Program

When you’re in constant pain, be it from an accident, a sports injury or a condition such as arthritis, it’s hard to accomplish anything else! At the Magaziner Center, we specialize in highly successful non-surgical treatments that don’t involve the use of risky drugs or opioids, which simply mask the pain while creating a high possibility of addiction. Our program pinpoints the source and works to stimulate healing and repair from within.

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