What we do

The Magaziner Center for Wellness has the South Jersey and Philadelphia regions most experienced and highly-trained physicians specializing in nutrition, integrative and regenerative medicine.

For over 30 years, the Magaziner Center for Wellness has successfully treated thousands of patients, using natural and non-toxic techniques to both prevent and reverse illness. Our diagnostic methods include the latest laboratory-testing technologies to best assess your body’s biochemistry in order to prevent disease and to maintain optimal health and longevity. Our treatment focuses on proper diet, appropriate nutritional supplements, regular exercise, lifestyle modifications, and optimizing of your body’s function.

Traditional western medicine tends to focus on suppressing the symptoms of disease or injury. Many of the most common medical conditions we see do not traditionally have a ‘cure.’ Instead, they are treated with prescription medication which suppresses the symptoms, making the sufferer as comfortable as possible.

At the Magaziner Center, we work to find the cause of the dysfunction, rather than the effects of it. We utilize a highly unique and extremely thorough series of tests to determine exactly what is happening in the body. By determining the root cause of the problem, we are then able to work to correct it, affecting an end to symptoms, often without the use of pharmaceuticals. We understand that no part of the body is isolated. When dysfunction or symptoms occur in one area, it can effect a multitude of other areas. This is the very definition of holistic— treating the body as a ‘whole’. We look at everything from nutritional status, lifestyle, emotional health, environment, and much more.

Our goal is to restore your body to optimal wellness, and to allow you to achieve the vitality for life that you are seeking. We strive to put an end to medication-dependent living and balance your body with a more natural, health-enhancing approach.

Your body has the ability to heal itself. We give it the tools it needs to do so.

“When we opened the Magaziner Center, ‘holistic healthcare’ was not yet a household term in the U.S. In fact, many of my colleagues did not believe a center such as this could be a success. That was in 1987. Integrative medicine has since become widely known and sought after, as more and more Americans see the benefits of treating the body naturally, as a whole.

We avoid the traditionally Western approach of suppressing symptoms with drugs, and instead look for the root cause of the dysfunction and treat is at its source, using almost exclusively natural and scientifically valid methods. Almost weekly, I read an article about some prescription drug that actually causes the condition it was meant to cure, or how new research shows that one of the treatments we have been using for years has been found to be safer and more effective than the conventional treatment.

It is so wonderful to see the treatments and philosophy that we have been using since the beginning, finally getting recognition and becoming more widely understood and sought after.” Allan Magaziner, DO