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Headaches and Neck Problems

Headaches and neck pain can have many different triggers.

The most common is muscle tension, which can often be relieved by regular stretching, applying heat to the area or getting a massage. Some causes, however, need professional care by skilled practitioners who can determine where the pain is originating from and work to heal it. At the Magaziner Center, we’re experts in being able to track down the root source of pain, and have a long, successful record of treating with natural therapies.

These two examples below are conditions that we’ve successfully resolved for many patients who sought us out when conventional options just weren’t working.

  • Cervicogenic headache: This type of headache is caused by pain originating in the neck, but felt in the head. It can be caused by problems with the eyes, ears or sinuses, temporomandibular joint disorder, head trauma; including concussions, spinal diseases or even muscle tension in the neck and head. Symptoms include migraine-like headaches, typically only on one side.
  • Cervicocranial syndrome: A condition in which the cervical vertebrae are misaligned, causing irritation to the nerves, which can lead to neck, face, sinus-cavity or ear pain. Symptoms include neck pain, a pain or tingling sensation radiating down the arm, headaches and clogged ears.

How they treat it

Similar to other painful conditions, the conventional approach is with drugs, surgery… and then more drugs. The list of medications used for headaches and neck pain, while offering a temporary solution, can be the cause of other serious conditions down the road, such as liver and kidney failure, GI bleeding and even heart problems. For the most part, medication is prescribed simply to suppress the symptoms, not to cure the injury or condition. Oftentimes it can actually prevent the body from healing properly by blocking its natural responses, such as inflammation, which triggers the healing process.

How we treat it

Using prolotherapy, Prolozone®, platelet-rich plasma and cellular regenerative therapies, we accelerate and enhance the body’s natural healing process. We are also skilled with neuromusculoskeletal and osteopathic manipulative treatments, dietary intervention and nutritional supplements to alleviate your pain. Many of our patients have already been through the gamut of traditional medicine with no relief, and are finally being helped for the first time with treatment at the Magaziner Center.

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