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Heart Disease

Treating heart disease

Our approach to treating heart disease at the Magaziner Center for Wellness, is to create an individualized treatment plan for each patient with heart disease; based on natural and holistic therapies. We make use of chelation therapy, various nutraceuticals to improve heart function, an anti-inflammatory based-diet and lifestyle changes, stress-reduction techniques and controlled exercise, with the objective of restoring the cardiac function to as normal a state as possible. We are able to perform detailed and thorough blood test to identify the inflammatory markers that may be driving your heart disease. Furthermore, we are able to identity some of the advanced risk factors one may have at an early stage, prior to actually developing heart disease so we can intervene at an early stage. This is essential since most patients do not have any symptoms of heart disease and at least half with heart disease may have a normal cholesterol level.

If you would like to explore our treatments, please contact our office so we can start a conversation with you.

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