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Suzanne Somers’ A New Way To Age


Life just gets better and better for health guru and American sweetheart Suzanne Somers as the years pass-and so do her books!

At 72, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of “Knockout” and “Ageless” is back with revolutionary insights and advice from the best and brightest minds in the field of anti-aging.

“A New way To Age” hits bookshelves on January 7th, 2020. In Chapter 1, you can read all about her interview with our very own Dr. Allan Magaziner. A friend of Suzanne’s for many years, Dr. Magaziner provides insights into the field of Functional Medicine, and shares his experience and beliefs on the world of healthy living and graceful aging.

Below are just SOME excerpts of the fantastic conversation between Suzanne and Dr. Magaziner.

Dr. Magaziner is one of the new kinds of doctors, part of a courageous group of physicians who early on saw the limitations with allopathic (conventional) medicine.

Dr. Magaziner looks for the cause of diseases, works to educate his patients, and shows them how to take steps to prevent a catastrophic event with the goal of living a long life without illness and ultimately (a long time from now) dying naturally. We have all become used to today’s torturous, long drawn-out deaths, but he offers a new way to live with wellness; to optimize quality of life, live a long time and then die naturally. In my estimation, his way is a better way.” – Suzanne Somers, A New Way To Age

“I have sent many of my East Coast friends to him, and they have all reported back that they love him.”

– Suzanne Somers on Dr. Allan Magaziner, A New Way To Age

“The majority of (my patients) have already been through conventional treatments that have mostly failed. They’re suffering from side effects, they’re not getting any better, they’re not improving and their quality of life is going down the drain. They come to me because conventional medicine doesn’t put enough emphasis on quality of life, and that’s an area where we excel in our field. The majority of people I see are genuinely open-minded, and they know they want a new approach.” – Dr. Allan Magaziner, A New Way To Age

“I explain this to my patients when they may have depression or anxiety, they do not have a deficiency of Prozac, or Wellbutrin or Zoloft, right? But they may have a deficiency of certain B vitamins, or certain neurotransmitters or hormones, so why not go in that direction first?” Dr. Allan Magaziner, A New Way To Age

“There is too much in conventional medicine where we treat the lab work rather than using the lab work as a guide… for treatment. You have to look at the patient: How is your patient doing? How is he or she feeling?” – Dr. Allan Magaziner, A New Way To Age

“In our office we are actively looking for what we call early warning signs of disease by identifying biomarkers; rather than waiting until you have diabetes, for example, let’s focus and work on prevention first. The best way to treat any disease is to not get it in the first place.” – Dr. Allan Magaziner, A New Way To Age

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