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Top 5 Causes of Male Hormone Imbalance

As men age, hormone levels tend to decline, which can cause many health effects. While this is natural, it does not mean that you have to grin and bear it! Here are some causes of male hormone imbalance that you can try to minimize in order to reduce the likelihood of a decline in your hormones.

1. Diabetes: This condition typically lowers testosterone levels and puts men at greater risk for erectile issues.

2. Exposure to Toxic Chemicals: Phthalates and other chemicals have been shown to disrupt male hormones.

3. Stress: Whether it be psychological (anxiety or depression) or physical (pain, infection, obesity), stress significantly impacts male sex hormones in a negative way.

4. Inflammatory Conditions: Conditions like sarcoidosis and chronic kidney failure can cause men’s testosterone to drop.

5. Medication:Pharmaceuticals like anti-depressants, steroids, or drugs to treat prostate cancer commonly cause sex hormone imbalances.

If you believe that one or more of these causes are affecting your life, visit us at the Magaziner Center for Wellness to learn about the treatment options to enjoy life again!

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