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Food as anti-inflammatory medicine

Can you manage chronic inflammation with food?

Some suggest starting with measuring C-reactive protein

C-reactive protein is a molecule produced in the body that is used as a non-specific marker of inflammation. This molecule can be measured in the blood and, although it doesn’t identify the source of inflammation, be it from an infection, injury or virus, its levels rise in response to inflammation in the body. As we know, so many chronic conditions are associated with the inflammatory response to injury. There are practitioners and researchers who are beginning to see chronic inflammation as a single disease presenting as different symptoms of this one condition: cardiovascular disease, arthritis, diabetes, metabolic syndrome 1, and most recently depression.2

Food as anti-inflammatory

Recently Lauren Whitt, Ph.D from the University of Alabama at Birmingham offered suggestions on fighting information with food. These foods can accelerate the anti-inflammatory response:

• Citrus fruits – Vitamin C and Vitamin E as essential antioxidants
• Dark, leafy greens – High in Vitamin K
• Tomatoes – The fruit’s red pigment, lycopene, is a potent antioxidant
• Wild-caught salmon – Contains a rich concentration of omega-3 fatty acids

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2. FelgerJC, et al. Inflammation is associated with decreased functional connectivity within corticostriatal reward circuitry in depression Molecular Psychiatry advance online publication 10 November 2015; doi: 10.1038/mp.2015.168

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