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Allergy Desensitization

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies to grass, trees and weeds? Maybe you react to certain foods or common allergens such as smoke, dust, mold, or dog and cat dander.

If so, would you rather keep suppressing your symptoms with drugs, or would you rather strengthen your immune system to overcome these allergens?

At the Magaziner Center, we think curing allergies and food intolerances is a much better idea, which is why we specialize in sublingual desensitization, a type of immunotherapy that’s safe for both kids and adults that you can administer right in your own home.

Interesting, it has been said that allergies or sensitivities don’t cause everything but can cause anything. We have seen hundreds of patients over the years who had complained of symptoms such as chronic fatigue, muscles aches and pain, chronic headaches, brain fog, gastrointestinal gas or bloating, only to find that their complaints were due to what they were eating, drinking, breathing or touching. If you have ongoing complaints with no known cause, we may have the answers for you.

What is sublingual desensitization?

Sublingual desensitization is a very small dose of what you’re allergic to administered as drops under your tongue. Unlike taking antihistamines, this therapy actually treats the root cause of your allergies. When compared to taking allergy shots, sublingual desensitization is much safer and certainly more convenient than making weekly trips to the doctor’s office; and for anyone wishing to avoid injections, especially kids, there’s really no comparison.

How are the drops compounded?

We first design a personalized treatment plan for each patient. Using injection therapy, we place tiny amounts of the allergen just under the skin until a response is triggered. We then give successive dosages of the allergen until the symptoms disappear. Once the optimal dose for each individual is identified, we make a customized treatment vial of antigens. The patient then places drops under the tongue on a regular basis. This effectively helps to build up a healthy tolerance and immunity.

How long does it take to work?

Training your immune system to stop reacting to an allergen can take time. That’s why we recommend beginning the therapy, especially for pollen sensitivities, at least several months before the start of your typical allergy season. We’ve been using sublingual desensitization at the Magaziner Center for over 30 years and have found it to be an extremely safe and effective treatment.

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