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Chelation Therapy

At the Magaziner Center we have decades of experience utilizing chelation therapy as an alternative treatment for heart disease.

In fact, we are one of 100 medical centers in the U.S. and Canada, and the only one in the Greater Philadelphia/South Jersey metro area, to participate in a federally funded trial to put some official statistics behind chelation’s benefits for those with heart disease.

What is chelation therapy?

Chelation is a process by which a therapeutic agents, including EDTA, is administered intravenously for the purpose of clawing on to and removing toxic metals and pollutants such as lead or cadmium from the body, which are then excreted in the urine. While it may seem that only those with acute toxic exposures would have heavy metals in their body, they are actually present in varying amounts in most individuals.

What is chelation therapy used to treat?

The main use of chelation therapy is to treat heart disease. In fact, it’s often used in place of more drastic approaches such as coronary bypass surgery and heavy-duty pharmaceuticals.

Chelation therapy is also used as an antidote for exposure to environmental toxins such as chemicals, mold and heavy metals. By doing a before-and-after urine challenge, we’re able to determine the precise amount of toxins that have been excreted by the body.

How effective is it?

Heart disease patients who have completed a course of chelation therapy often notice an improvement in energy and well-being, and are frequently able to reduce or eliminate their need for medication. In an analysis of more than 20,000 patients receiving chelation therapy, 87 percent showed measurable improvements in parameters such as exercise tolerance, walking distance and cardiogram results. Chelation therapy is also well regarded as an extremely effective means of detoxifying from heavy metal poisoning, especially when it comes to removing lead from the system.

Can chelation therapy help me?

The first step in answering that question is to make an appointment for an evaluation at the Magaziner Center. We specialize in finding the root causes of health issues that have not responded to conventional treatments, utilizing the latest testing techniques to do a thorough assessment of your body’s unique biochemistry. We will let you know if we think chelation will be beneficial in improving your health, and if you might qualify to participate in the TACT2 study.

Supplemental therapy, diet and lifestyle changes

Along with treatments such as chelation, we will also evaluate what nutritional deficiencies you may have and the best way to correct them, be it through dietary changes or vitamins, enzymes, herbs and mineral supplements.

By reducing stress, exercising more, even a short daily walk, and allowing yourself some time out during the day to devote to your mental and physical well-being, you’ll be taking the first big step towards healing.

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