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How Safe Is Your Tap Water?

We take our tap water for granted. We expect that the water that flows out of our taps are clean, drinkable, and safe for our families. Unfortunately, the reality is that that tap water quality has huge differences across the country, and can even vary from zipcode to zipcode.

The Environmental Working Group has collected data from almost 50,000 water utility services across the country to determine just how safe and how clean the water in your pipes are. The truth is just as murky as the water. While the government has given most tap water in the country a passing grade with regard to acceptable levels of contaminants (heavy metals and other chemicals), the fact is that these ‘acceptable levels’ are often higher than what scientific research has found to be truly acceptable. In other words, while the government might say the water is safe to drink, the research has found otherwise.

Tap water is important for so many reasons: for nourishment, for growing food, and for ensuring hygiene. Yet the kinds of contaminants that you can find in water can be shocking, including lead, cancer-causing chemicals, and in some cases, even radioactive elements. Visit the EWG’s Tap Water Database to find your area to learn if your local water provider has been putting you and your family at risk.

At the Magaziner Center for Wellness, our team is experienced in helping you identify the environmental effects on your health and finding ways to promote a long and healthy life. We treat metal toxicity naturally and holistically with a unique treatment plan for each patient, using safe and non-invasive methods. Contact us today to learn more and book a consultation to keep you and your family from harm.

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