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Why Fish Consumption Is Important

Fish Consumption is Beneficial, For Many Reasons

It’s almost common knowledge now that eating fish is good for one’s health. The protein-rich food is also high in polyunsaturated fats that are linked with heart health, brain health, and improving circulation, amongst other reasons. It’s safe to say, there are many reasons to consume fish, and why it is beneficial.

How About Aging & Cognitive Decline?

The relationship between the consumption of fish in the prevention of accelerated cognitive decline (due to aging) was examined in the Doetinchem cohort study. The study involved 2612 women and men all aged between 43-70 years who were examined for five years. The results pointed out towards the fact that higher cholesterol consumption was damaging, but a higher a-linolenic acid (ALA) consumption was beneficial in cognitive brain functioning, over time, hence with age.

What Did We Learn?

It was determined, however, that there lacked a direct relationship between the intake of fatty acids and cognitive decline. This implies that eating fatty fishes is not associated or related to aging brain issues. However, higher Omega-3 fatty acids (ALA) seemed to be related to a slower decline in cognitive/brain function and memory over time. Individuals with a higher intake of cholesterol were found to have diminished cognitive ability over the five-year span.

The results were obtained from comparing the individuals with high consumption levels of fatty acids and those relying mostly on fish as their main source of fatty acids. It is important to note that, other fats consumed during this period were not found to have any relation to an individual`s cognitive decline.

Here at the Magaziner Center for Wellness, we take an integrated approach to health. Of that mindset, we believe eating a balanced diet, getting enough protein and essential fats are important.

In conjunction with this study, it does show that high cholesterol can be detrimental to the aging brain, and fish consumption (due to ALA and omega-3 fats) may be helpful in preserving the brain`s cognitive abilities.

If you are not opposed to it by dietary restrictions, it would be a good idea to try to include fish in your diet a couple of times a week, cooked healthily.

We enjoy providing our patients holistic approaches to their health. If you have questions about any ailments, conditions, or want to get assessed for overall health, visit our website at www.drmagaziner.com.



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